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The collaborative effort to bring this guide to life create is bringing together a diverse network of communicators committed to engaging American citizens on global challenges, reflecting on our nation's policy choices, and playing a role in how those choices get made.  We invite you to join us.


You may want to get involved with national efforts designed to help individuals and groups—across a wide range of foreign policy and global issues—to reach the American public more effectively.  You may want to connect with other U.S. in the World users, or other individuals and groups that share similar interests and goals.  Or you may want to share your experience and offer advice on how we – and other communicators like you – can do better.  Here are some ways to do all those things – and multiply your own efforts.




  • The Aspen Institute's Global Interdependence Initiative (GII) seeks to broaden and give more effective voice to the constituency in the United States favoring principled, responsible and cooperative US behavior in an interdependent world. The GII Listserv helps subscribers share and discuss public opinion research and communications strategies. Participants come from a broad range of organizations and include executive directors, communications directors, advocacy directors, policy analysts, opinion researchers, and local organizers.  To join the listserv, please send an email to [email protected].
  • Connect US is an emerging network of organizations that share the belief that efforts to promote constructive American action on specific global issues will be strengthened by concurrent, cross-issue efforts to advance a broad, positive vision of pragmatic, cooperative, and internationalist U.S. global engagement. The Connect US Fund is a funding collaborative, managed by Tides Foundation, established to support the activities of the Network as a whole, as well as the work of individual Network members.
  • OneWorld United States is a network of over 1600 organizations working in environment, health, human rights and international development worldwide. It is dedicated to helping organizations better, communicate, learn and network to increase their impact. 
  • The People Speak: America's Role in the World: The People Speak project was launched in fall 2003 to raise the level of national dialogue about America’s role in the world. Spearheaded by the United Nations Foundation, it is backed by a nonpartisan coalition of 13 national cooperating organizations from across the political spectrum. In 2003, 2,200 community events took place in all 50 states, in universities, high schools, church basements, libraries, and family living rooms.


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U.S. in the World has developed a core curriculum for communications trainings to sharpen skills on talking about foreign policy and global issues, along with a set of recommendations for shaping constructive dialogues for groups exploring consensus on mutually reinforcing messages and communications. Flexible in design, the materials are meant to be adapted for a variety of settings and participants' needs. U.S. in the World will also sponsor a series of "train the trainer" events in 2004-2005.

We would be grateful if you took a few minutes to share your experiences to date:

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